The Giustozzi Hotels Group is a leading firm in the conceiving, realizing and organizing of wedding banquets and various kind of ceremonies, both classic and modern, traditional or innovative, intimate or gorgeous, served or buffet. The future spouses are aware that the organization of a marriage is always a long and constant engagement, which absorbs time and energies and a not negligible economic burden, whatever is the choice dictated by their taste and requirements.
Furthermore, the Group has enchanting locations at its disposal, where all requirements can be satisfied. The Group offers villas, palaces or castles, where to carry out the wedding banquet taking care particularly of the decorations, the set design, the printing of the menus, the musical entertainment, a fast and discreet hall service for a marriage of dreams where those who wish, may be followed by a personal Wedding Planner.
The Giustozzi Hotels Group is a valuable aid for all pairs of future Newlyweds who want to combine the traditional dishes to the beauty of the location, subject to a non-negligible particular ... the budget. The thirty year experience combined with the acquired professionalism, take the future spouses throughout the whole organization of the marriage, proposing elegant and original solutions, to create wedding banquets of all types and placing the focus on the Newlyweds in their most beautiful day.



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Ristorante Parco Hotel - Pollenza (Macerata - MC - Marche)
Cosmopolitan Hotel - Civitanova Marche (Macerata - MC - Marche)
Villa Lauri - Pollenza (Macerata - MC - Marche)
Recina Hotel - Montecassiano (Macerata - MC - Marche)