Company Profile

The Giustozzi Hotels Group, active since over thirty years in the tourist sector, in which it operates as hotel manager, catering service provider and event organizer for companies, institutions and individuals, has specialized itself in weddings, confirmations, communions, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings and any other kind of event.
The Giustozzi family leads its hotels with exclusive attention, taking care of every minimum peculiarity and ensuring the products offered to its Customers. The Giustozzi Family has been bringing on a typical management based on an ancient familiar philosophy mainly interested in the care and love for its Guests since over a quarter of century.
The Giustozzi Hotels Group has been representative of hospitality in the Province of Macerata since many years. Its hotels are strategically located along the main historical lines such as the Via Lauretana and the side-street of the Via Flaminia, which nowadays, as once, are the major arteries connecting the Marche Region to the Umbria one.
In the catering and the other available services, the Group put at the heart of its policy the quality, the importance and the origin of the food used, which is selected through a careful choice. This attention culminates in the maintaining of the authenticity of the local cuisine and its culinary traditions, of which the owner, the Commendatore Giuseppe Giustozzi, has always been its staunch defender.
Choosing an hotel of the Giustozzi Group means not only seeking for elegance, professionalism, the offer of services and products of high profile, but also sharing a dream with the ideals of a family who has been offering to its customers the continuing review of the traditions, with sobriety and refinement since many years.



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