The Giustozzi Hotels Group has been delighting its most demanding Customers tastes offering its banqueting services to the main companies of the province of Macerata and of the Marche region for 30 years.
The Commendatore Giuseppe Giustozzi has been dedicating for years all his efforts in realizing and offering quality food, carefully choosing the products that its creativity, along with the one of his Chefs, converts in savoury and refined deliciousness embellished by rich presentations, which, besides the pleasure of the sight can satisfy any palate.
The Giustozzi Hotels Group stands out for the special setting of banquets, for the care it takes in any particular detail starting from the menu, directly worked out with the Customer respecting the seasonal nature of the food and the guarantee of a custom-made service, elegant, quick and most of all reflecting the demands of anyone who relies on our experience and corporate philosophy.
For these reasons, when the organization of a banquet is requested, the Giustozzi Hotels Group carefully selects the kitchen and the hall staff, which, besides the regular one, has to be rigorously trained so that any event is transformed in a dream to be remembered of.
A wide range of services for companies and private individuals is offered to our Customers, from the gala dinners to the institutional ceremonies, besides wedding banquets, cocktails till the classic vin d'honeur.
The Giustozzi Hotels Group is available to provide Customers with any information needed and to send a preliminary estimate without commitment.



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